9 thoughts on “Accent or no accent

  1. I listen to about 3 audiobooks a week, and I tend to dislike accents, especially for MCs. If it’s a light accent and used for a character who only speaks a handful of times, fine. If it is for a character who talks a lot, that distracts me from the story.
    –That’s my two cents without hearing the audio.

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    1. Thanks, Denae. I’ve been hearing a lot of that without people even listening. And it was my gut reaction when I first listened to chapter one with an accent. I felt like the words that mattered were lost.


  2. Probably w/o the accent. I don’t mind them but sometimes (I listen to audiobooks at a faster speed than x1!) if I have the speed too high I can’t figure out the accent words. But I will say that I can’t wait to listen to the next Hawke story! Wondering where your story will go w/ the conference setting…


  3. I love a story with a good accent. I listen to both listed above and couldn’t hear an accent in either of them. Either the accent was so soft I couldn’t tell or it was two of the same recording. I’m not sure which. He did have a nice sounding voice but if he thinks he is doing accents he is mistaken.


    1. Shoot! They are both the same! I’ll see if I can find the accent download and re-upload. This has been a nightmare, but I ended up going with no accent.


  4. Hi, Paty Jager… looks like I’m too late! I’m a strong proponent of accents! I’d love listening to Gorman’s either way… but I’d really love the second version the best!

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    1. HI Carla,

      Yes, I had to make a decision because Larry had another book he had to get on as soon as he finishes mine. I just felt like the accents din'[t work and with so many listeners saying the accents have to be good or they don’t like them, I decided to go without them. Thank you for listening and commenting!


    1. Jackie, I wish I had had more time to make a decision. I went without accent. I felt like the accents weren’t as well done as I heard in my head when I wrote and read it.


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