Help me pick a narrator

Hello, if you are at this page it is because I’ve asked you to help me pick a narrator. Leave who you think I should choose, narrator one or narrator two in the comments. If you also leave your email, I’ll put you in a drawing to win one of ten copies of this book when it is an audiobook.

Narrator One
Narrator Two

This is for my Gabriel Hawke Series. Hawke is a 53 year old Native American Fish and Wildlife State Trooper. I don’t want to influence who you pick, but keep this in mind while listening and let me know who you think is a better fit for the character. I think they both do a good job of narrating. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “Help me pick a narrator

  1. I like the narrator one there was something about narrator two that just didnt do it for me. The first one has a deeper voice, the way I picture the character sounds


  2. Number 2 has a more fluid narration style and he sounds more authentic for the character and style of the story. Number 1 seems to add pauses where there shouldn’t be any and he doesn’t sound right to me for the style of the story.


  3. I really like narrator 2 better. There is something about voice one, a gravelly or different quality about his voice that I found harder to understand and listen to. I feel number two is more fluid and who I’d prefer.


  4. I prefer narrator 2. He has a smooth voice that is very easy to listen to. Narrator 1 sounds much older than 53 to me.


  5. It was a tough call. I liked the voice of narrator one better, but i didn’t like the unnecessary pauses. So my choice would be narrator two for fluidity and ease of listening. My email is


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